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Wellness Haven Yoga Student Video Testimonial- Simmi
Wellness Haven Yoga Student Video Testimonial - Joanne
♥ Documented 1 Year Yoga Journey of a New Yogi at Wellness Haven, who started February 2013: One of our students Valerie Fong has been documenting her yoga journey right from the very first day she came into Wellness Haven, with no prior yoga background through a yoga special that was offered for 3 months. She has come a long way as you can read below and the part that has fascinated me is that she continues to pick up the Testimonial Journal every so often and continues to document … it has …Documented 1 Year Yoga Journey of Valerie Fong - 2013
I purchased the Groupon to try this studio, as I have been a member previously at YogaWorks and have also done classes at my gym, I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on some techniques. I was pleasantly surprised by her teachings! Umang is an exceptional instructor! I look forward to going to her studio, and am loving the results which are not only physical, but emotionally I am more relaxed! She always remembers me, is friendly and funny and it makes the classes a breeze. For once a group I a…Ally P.
For my entire life (I’m 22 so yeah I know not that long!) I have been quite active. Lifting weights, tennis, running, hiking and whatever else. But through the past couple of years it has devolved into long sedentary periods of nursing various joint pains interspersed with short bursts of being really active again before the pain came back. So I decided enough is enough. I started yoga here in January, and now it’s April. My body is completely different. Poses which I couldn’t even get int… Kristian Lorenzo

I have joined Umang’s Wellness Haven about 2 months ago. I enrolled in the Yoga class through Groupon. At first I didn’t get it but slowly I started to understand the principles and even started to incorporate it into my life and routine. I noticed that I had moderately improved in flexibility and was starting to feel better. My back aches started to subside and my injured knee felt better. Yoga helped me to be more in harmony with my body, mind and spirit. Eventually, I signed up for Umang’s Nu…

Ron Lew

When I started, I was in chronic pain and have gotten hurt many times in other yoga classes. Taking classes here has been so gentle, and healing or me. I have gotten my life back!!! I feel better with each class!

Lindsay Bufkin, Strength Coach

After having pneumonia, major surgery, an extended three month recovery and spending the summer around the house I was in the worse shape of my life. A friend found a Groupon for Wellness Haven and convinced me to try it.
The first class was a shock and a wake up call. I left that class determined to come twice a week. There were enough classes per week at Wellness Haven that I could always find 2 or 3 classes that fit my schedule.
I started to enjoy the pace and structure of the classes. I foun…

Pat Wing
3/22/2013: After a month of yoga: “Umang, The class has been so delightful and challenging at the same time. I like how you push us and there is such satisfaction in doing it, and so many new poses too. Body is feeling so much better. Thanks.”Valerie Fong

2/19/2013: Before first class

“I’m sitting in the corner now of Umang’s wonderful studio in anticipation of my first yoga class. I’m excited. Already I know yoga will be an avenue to improving my health and thus my living. Even a simple thing like breathing. I’m looking forward to doing better.  ”Better” has so much potential. It’s a beautiful thought.”

“My first visit to class was preceded by an assessment time where Umang shared her journey and passion for yoga. It got me to look at how yoga c…

Valerie Fong

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